Morton Wellness Center

If you are struggling with addiction, for however long, you will need comprehensive and careful addiction treatment that is catered to your needs.

About us

There are plenty of ways to go about recovery from addiction, and a combination of them will work for you.

It is merely that the drug rehab center needs to be patient while getting to know you and your condition to know how to best combat it. You don’t have to struggle alone, you can come to a Morton Wellness addiction recovery center and have structured care implemented with compassion.

Additional information

  • We have been around for more than a decade.
  • We have a strong proven track record.
  • We specialize in dual diagnosis cases.
  • We keep in contact even after the program has finished.
  • Our staff is knowledegable and caring.
  • We strive for excellence in every case.

What we offer you


1What is dual diagnosis?
Dual diagnosis is when someone is struggling with both an addiction and a mental disorder. It requires treatment for both simultaneously to identify the root causes of the addiction and address them accordingly.
2Do I have to attend group therapy meetings?
Yes, we ask that each client not only attends group therapy sessions, but shares with the group openly and honestly. This is so that each client can give and receive thoughtful, helpful advice about their struggles and problems.
3Why does detox need to be supervised?
Withdrawal symptoms that you encounter when you stop using drugs are often unpleasant. To ensure that you have the resources, support, and guidance necessary to get through them comfortably, you will need to be closely monitored. That way each detox is safe and efficient.
4How long does treatment at Morton last?
It depends on the person, but usually treatment a t Morton drug rehab lasts from 30 to 90 days. Recovery, however, lasts much longer. You will be going to meetings and therapy for many years. Don't worry, it will do nothing but help you.