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Addiction to drugs is a very serious and complex disorder that is able to destroy a person's life from the inside out. Because of the unique complexity of drug addiction problems, the rehabilitation process has several different stages. The process of helping an individual recover from addiction at a drug detox clinic will typically include assisting them in terminating the usage of the drug, obtaining and maintaining a positive mental outlook without the assistance of drugs and discovering how to be more productive both at home and at work. Addiction recovery typically includes cognitive behavioral therapy.

Those struggling with addiction will be able to receive the best treatment at the Morton Wellness Center in Decatur, Georgia, our drug rehab facility. The team of caring, professional staff members at our addiction recovery facility will give the client the close attention and priority care that will make the recovery process quick and easy.

One of the many downsides of a drug addiction problem is that it can cause the individual to feel a diminished sense of personal value. These negative emotions can cause the person to increase their usage of the drug, which in turn will cause a deeper addiction. Recreational drugs, such as crystal meth, heroin, and alcohol are among the most commonly abused drugs and can severely damage the brain.

Making matters more complicated is the fact that roughly half of our clients are not only struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, they are also dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder. Co-occurring mental health disorders describe a situation in which a person has both an addiction and the disorder. In cases like these, there can be a complicated relationship between the addiction and the disorder. If only the addiction is treated, the symptoms of the disorder remain, and that may cause a client to resort to substance abuse in order to self-medicate. By utilizing dual diagnosis mental health treatment, our substance abuse treatment facility is able to offer our clients the best possible chance at recovery.

By visiting an addiction treatment center, the client will be making the first, most important step in living a drug free life. At Morton Wellness Center, our addiction treatment facility, located in Decatur, Georgia, each person receives a unique, individualized treatment plan, created for their specific needs. Part of the program at our addiction recovery center will involve clients getting together during group therapy sessions, sharing stories and advice, and helping each other to recover. Our substance abuse treatment facility offers dual diagnosis mental health treatment, so that you can focus on healing from everything messing with your brain at one time.

Once you’ve graduated from our program here at Morton Wellness Center, you’ll still need to continue focusing on your recovery. Substance abuse is an issue you’ll need to continue to safeguard yourself against once you’ve left our addiction recovery program. Just like every other aspect of your treatment at our drug rehab center, aftercare is customized to suit your particular needs. While many plans involve ongoing therapy or participation in a 12-step, your aftercare schedule will be customized to fit your needs.

Attempting to do an addiction recovery program at home can be a very bad idea. Not only can the withdrawal process be debilitating, but if the individual is taking medication to help fight withdrawal symptoms, it can be very easy to overdose in an attempt to stop the pain. That's why we offer supervised detox at our drug rehab centers, so that we can be there when you need our help. We look forward to seeing you.